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Our mission is to improve health outcomes across the scope of healthcare. We are dedicated to sharing the best information and insights that inspire consumers to achieve their health and wellness goals and providing healthcare professionals worldwide the medical education, tools, news, and expert viewpoints they need to deliver the highest level of patient care.

Our Properties

Our portfolio is anchored by the most-trusted, medically reviewed content available online, which nurtures a bond with our visitors at each step of the healthy journey. We are the guide for over 70 million monthly users working on their health and wellness goals and the resource to inspire better doctor conversations in over 300K physician offices. We are a valuable reference to an active community of physicians who rely on our in-depth medical information.


At WebMD, we know that health is more than just a moment: it is a pursuit to live better each day. This requires an editorial approach that helps users make better health choices. Easily understood information and vibrant, dedicated lifestyle channels act as a reference, pharmacist, health coach, personal trainer, and partner to better health & wellness outcomes.


Medscape is the leading online destination for physicians and healthcare professionals worldwide offering the latest medical news and expert perspectives; essential point-of-care drug and disease information; and relevant professional education and CME (DRG 2020 Taking the Pulse data).


As the largest online physician and HCP directory on the internet - we are the resource for in-market patients looking for care. With the ability to research, compare, and book an appointment, our platform, and services powers the patient journey to care.


We exist throughout the healthcare journey - from the material inside the physician's office to follow-up content on mobile phones. We promote better physician-patient conversations, encourage adherence, and improve health outcomes by engaging patients during their most important health care decision moments.

Our Audiences

Our audiences are active, engaged, and purpose-driven, and patients rely on our content to improve treatment outcomes and empower health conversations.

Health Conditions

For them, their care is a journey. Chronic or acute, our health condition audiences are intimately involved throughout their care. They search for information and ask questions as they are actively seeking out information to learn all they can about the latest treatments, discoveries, and therapies.


of WebMD consumers have researched specific condition information


visited/plan to visit their doctor in the next 30 days.


of cough/cold/flu researchers on WebMD purchased the product that day

Sources: WebMD 2020 Consumer Profile Study, WebMD 2020 Patient Profile Study

Wellness & Lifestyle

This community believes that health is a lifestyle. Better sleep, better fitness, better nutrition is very important to them - but they are not looking for short-term fixes or trends. They want honest, verified wellness content that will help them achieve their long-term goals. They strive for self-improvement - from how to be good, attentive new parents to how to make smart, healthy choices as they age.


have researched wellness/lifestyle information on WebMD


conducted baby food research on WebMD before purchase


of WebMD skincare purchasers said online research motivated them to switch/try a skincare brand

Source: WebMD 2020 Consumer Profile Study

In-Market Care Seekers

Found far down the health journey funnel, our in-market care seekers are wholly involved in their healthcare decisions. They have taken the time to explore, research, and compare their specialists and treatment options, and are now at the stage to convert and looking to book an appointment for care.


million MUVs across WebMD/Vitals Directory universe (comScore 2021)


Most trusted medical directory information (2021 WebMD Directories Study)


Most complete medical directory resource (2021 WebMD Directories Study)

Physicians & HCPs

From the moment they graduate medical school and throughout their career, we are their partners in improving patient outcomes. Throughout the flow of their day, across all of their devices, physicians and HCPs rely on our essential information to support their clinical decisions.


million physicians globally


million engagements worldwide

Source: Medscape Internal Data, 2021

Ad Solutions

The most trusted editorial environment translates into a less intrusive ad experience for visitors and a more efficient marketing opportunity for brands. Leverage our suite of ad products that deliver better engagement and lasting brand benefits.

WebMD Brand Seeker:

Roadblock your drug monograph page on WebMD to reinforce your brand value proposition to active, lower-funnel treatment researchers as they engage in pertinent Rx information, such as uses, side effects, interactions, etc.

Editorial Alignment Solutions:

A mix of content assets housed within one robust hub deliver deep condition education while condition-focused pages explore important health topics from rare diseases to personalized treatment options.

DNA Brand Studio:

Our expert health content creators natively integrate your brand messaging through custom guided experiences and new video franchises that capture the look and feel of our editorial.

Point-Of-Care QR Posters:

Activate your brand in the physician’s office by aligning with medically reviewed content that spurs better physician-patient conversations and leverages direct calls to action that pull patients to an in-depth digital destination to create a unified editorial alignment opportunity.

Care Finder:

Intercepts patients across WebMD content and gives them a platform to find care at crucial moments –to generate leads and fill the capacity of your hospital or health system.

Medscape Brand Alert:

Triggered, multi-channel messages engage a hyper-targeted set of physicians who will drive the most impact for your brand, while user-level HCP insights inform robust analytics, channel preferences, and future marketing campaigns optimization efforts.

Condition Article Exclusivity:

Reach physicians with exclusive media ownership of relevant condition content across Medscape to block out the competition and maximize brand awareness.

Editorial Virtual Patient Simulation:

Self-guided simulation experience where physicians make decisions replicating real-world practice and medical training.

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